• Quinnie

Decoding Digital Trends

After 4 weeks late hours and weekends' hard work, I have finally finished this project. I have wanted to do this long time ago. I started taking screenshots, videos and photos of good designs I have seen in daily life since 2013. Now seems to be a good timing to finish this work when my headspace is conveniently in digital research. Since my day job is a consultant in a financial institution, this research has themes more oriented towards finance industry.

After a broad search, review, and analyse 550 items, and further slice and dice, I have summarised the findings in 12 themes, with 37 companies covered across 9 industries.

Here is a bit of teaser of what the 12 themes look like, with 1 example under each theme preview here. If you'd like to know the whole research findings, please contact me directly.

Theme 1: Customer needs centric sites: I put this as 1st theme because I believe an enjoyable digital experience should come with good intention for customers first.

Theme 2: Inclusive and accessible design. Accessibility is usually overlooked and patched up at later stage. I personally am guilty of not knowing accessibility well enough too, so I dedicated a theme just for this topic.

Theme 3: Navigation. Once you designed an experience with customers need in mind, and accessibility embedded, how would you make it easy for people to navigate through your site?

Theme 4: Compare information. A lot of our decisions are based on comparison, so making this experienc