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What I have learnt about product management, agile, and personal development at a big bank

It's not often, actually my 1st time, I resigned from a workplace I have been for more than 7 years. Over the last few years, I have been working as a designer in an innovation lab, and a digital product owner on one of the biggest transformation program happening in the banking industry, called customer journey. Both of them applied a model to bring cross-functional talents together to deliver common goals for our customers.

In a short period of time at fast paced environments, I have learnt tons about human centred design, agile and product management. Some of the learnings are from my personal experience, some are learnings from others.

I am going to share 3 parts of learnings

PART 1: 9 learnings on the process of developing a product from discovery phase to delivery phase

Learning 1: The mindset of DVF, and take ownership to explore DVF, at scale.

Learning 2: Understand your problem statement, and create a clear and long lasting vision

Learning 3: Trust the experts and empower the team

Learning 4: Know the rules before you break the rules (understand current state of your solution)

Learning 5: Clear roles and responsibilities = Clear accountabilities and actions

Learning 6: Make use of your cross-functional talents, make it real team collaboration

Learning 7: Create an actionable roadmap. Convert the experience into coherent user stories. Focus on less, to deliver more

Learning 8: Tactical solution vs Strategic solution, whichever you chose, make sure it's shared understanding

Learning 9: Engage with your stakeholders

PART 2: What do people look for in a good PO, designer, scrum master and technologist.

1. A good product leader

2. What makes a good design

3. What makes a right solution

4. What makes a good scrum

PART 3: My personal growth, and how I took feedback in.

1. Feedback on communications

2. My learnings of be true to yourself

Happy reading ;)

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