Life @ Localz: Week 1

I am still tingling with excitement at the end of this week. Everyday has been a great learning for me and I certainly don't feel like I was working (maybe I wasn't, lol). I feel I have heard, seen, played and experienced so many things in the last 5 days, more than what I have learned in the last 2 months.

Before I talk about my learnings on company culture, the challenges ahead, my hands on tools experience, and how I set my working rhythm, let me tell you a bit about Localz.

In my own words, Localz is an innovative company using location technology to provide transparency, control and simplicity to users. We help businesses with last mile solutions, with options for users to choose click & collect, or delivery 2 door and provides real time ETA to users, so people can enjoy their freshly ordered grocery, self-indulgent gifts bought online, brand new facility at home, things that makes their life more enjoyable, things that make them happier.

Now back to my highlights in my 1st week.

1. Great company culture:

Curious and sharing:

I started off with a great timing, get into the rhythm by joining retro, sprint planning, and going through some artefact to understand our product suite. I guess a good culture is something you can feel about. And I felt about happiness and curiosity in the air. It may not make much sense to me on what they were talking about in retro, but you can feel the trust among the team on how they talk about things. People are eager to jump on and shout out the "done" deals, and "action police" came in to keep people in line and accountable for the next steps (I love the humor of these unofficial titles). The team then dipped into water to test whether we were "swimming" or "sinking", and it brought us to focus on important things. If there is debatable proposals, you are given freedom to try out something new and see whether it's worth to bring in for the team. And that's exactly what I love about startup. The freedom to explore, fail, learn and iterate.

Talking about sharing, they are not only open and honest to talk about issues at retro, but also bring knowledges to the team. People are very talented here and on day 4 I have already experienced my first lunch brown bag session on cryptocurrency. The thing I love about the nature of sharing in the team, is they go beyond the information you can find online. Jesse shared us his project of using blockchain to track the coffee beans from ethical farms to the cafe. The part I love most is Jesse busted some myth on this tech, and shared his experience on his challenges in the project, and how the solution his team implemented actually worked in reality (search smart contract, ethereum, hyperledger, asset coloring, and bitcoin whitepaper to know more). And it's the 1st time, without reading excessive technical terms, I got an idea how blockchain can make a difference in life, what is the point of mining, and how that's adding value to the network. To sum it up, blockchain is a distributed ledger, and every block in the network captures and sync the same information, and bitcoin mining is through solving complicated math to create blocks and that makes blockchain harder to be dominated by a monopoly. It is Decentralised (no one person is in control),Traceable (ability to trace assets) and  Immutable (people aren’t able to falsify transactions).